Vastu Vidya is an aspect of Sthapatya Veda which relates principally to correct establishment of the design of buildings and cities. "Success and fortune is all influenced by Vastu. If Vastu is wrong, then the intellect, thinking and speaking will all be influenced accordingly and will not promote evolution. The whole fortune gets blocked." -- Maharishi "The whole intellect and thinking is influenced by Vastu, and the mind finds a logic at every level. In a green house, one can only see green. In a proper Vastu, one can only think right, in accord with Natural Law. The owner of the house can only think in the manner dictated by the Vastu" "Vastu is like a guard on the door. It simply will not allow any damage. It is that intelligence of nature which is protective on one side and promotional to all positivity on the other." architecture is the supreme science of establishment which places the parts and the whole, the individual and the universe, in perfect alliance with each other. The knowledge ofVastu has been made available to everyone through a confidential consultation process carried out by qualified and trained experts. The advice given is exact, accurate and precise and is consistent from all consultants around the world
Take advantage of a system of holistic vastu design using technologies, methods and products which enhance the spiritual, emotional and mental quality of your daily experience. This accomplished by the creation of a structure which is in harmony with Earth and Cosmic energies; a structure that blesses its occupants and the ground on which it stands.
It connects individual intelligence with Cosmic Intelligence, bringing nourishing influences to your home, your workplace, or your entire community.
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